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Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaching is a funded support available under the NDIS for people with a psychosocial disability.

Our Recovery Coaches come from a place of lived or ongoing learned experience. That means, while being experts in our fields and always having a professional approach, we have first-hand knowledge of psychosocial disability and mental health. Our Recovery Coaches are champions and advocates to maximise outcomes for participants out of their NDIS plan and funds by implementing their plan and goals at their own pace.

Our Recovery Coaches will listen to participants and hear their story as to what has happened to them without judgement, be a cheer squad and support them to achieve their goals.

Thing Big

Recovery Coaching can assist participants to:

  • Developing a recovery-enabling relationship
  • Supporting participants’ engagement with the NDIS
  • Coaching to increase recovery skills and personal capacity, including motivation, strengths, resilience, and decision-making
  • Supporting participants with their recovery planning
  • Collaborating with the broader system of supports
  • Creating a clear plan of action to reach participants’ goals
  • Returning to employment, finding stable housing and transitioning into their community
  • Self-directing their own recovery while the coach provides expertise and encouragement

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At Think Big, we share a vision for better future and outcomes for people with disability and our community across Australia. We strive for providing voice and choice for participants and their families by keeping them at the heart of everything we do.
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Think Big Support Services provide support and services to people living in Melbourne.

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At Think Big Support Services, we see the person and their abilities, not their disabilities.